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3:04Dream - Mask (Official Music Video)
Dream - Mask (Official Music Video)Приказа 7 милПре 8 дана
2:54Dream - Mask (Official Lyric Video)
Dream - Mask (Official Lyric Video)Приказа 14 милПре 22 дана
2:14Dream ft. PmBata - Roadtrip (Official Lyric Video)
Dream ft. PmBata - Roadtrip (Official Lyric Video)Приказа 20 милПре 4 месеца


  • No wonder you’re failing classes, I don’t remember there being a thing such as a F+ or F-

  • im 14 and this is deep

  • This the best hit of 2021

  • I love the doctors note lmao

  • So your depressed?

  • i wear a mask

  • Lol

  • This is sooo sad

  • This is soooo sad

  • thank you dream i know you are not normal :)

  • what kind of fan base even is this?🤦🏽‍♂️

  • damn you guys are mf haters

  • Halfway through I expected him to pull out a green watch and shout "GOING HERO!"

  • this song is so deep.

  • Yooo these comments😂💀

  • he actually tried to make a good song and people are just roasting him

    • i have been trying to defend the song in the comments and i just get called a stanie for pointing out that it took a ton of work to make this and people should try being nice

  • i think this is the video that gets him cancelled 😭 no hate but this is not it, this is not gonna get you anywhere

  • Touch some grass man, emo

  • My friend has been depressed since he heard this

  • Ben 10 is dream

  • Song: Good Animation: Cocomelon

  • oh no. you are becoming pewdiepie

  • Dude Dream literally was telling us that he doesn't go outside to touch grass or interact wit others

  • Never expected dream of all people to be against anti-depressants. Scientology vibes

  • this is sum bs ong

  • i cant unsee this looking like ben from ben 10 thanks comment section!

  • this reminds me of me and my childhood without the pills

  • I heard that you needed glasses cus you were doodling in class, just like me (Love your vids) :D

  • It kinda sounds loke hes says karen like “ive been karen“

  • ben 10 looks different anyway kids dont throw out your meds !!

  • I love how everyone hates this, it’s because it’s not the music we hate we just hate the animations, like the animators we’re A. Underpaid B.Under-experienced C.Did get enough time Or D. All of the above

  • Lmao music from my kinda good videogame console evolution mobile game is better than this.

  • Damascus

  • I LOVED IT!!

  • lcik my bals

  • This is sad

  • MOVE OVER BARBIE! There is something more plastic than you

  • Dream is the next marshmallow bc of the mask

  • Listen to vaush kid

  • His voice is really good but its the song thats throwing me off :/ but good job dream 😊 ❤

  • Wow this rapper is so brave he refuses to make good music.

  • Shut up -Dylan

  • Bruv...you should've Just Left this with Just Subtitles Cus it's actually a Bop...you kinda ruined the whole thing with the Animation💀

  • I've gained a brain tumor because if this thanks

  • I want die

  • I thought this emo sh*t died in 2010

  • You misspelled mathematics


  • This is just, the worst

  • ....wait...im getting Mixed signals....first I'm getting Throw Out your prescriptions Because "They ain't Crap" just tryna Mess with your uniqueness....and im also getting "Its okay to Hide your feelings with a Mask...you better keep that mask On" 💀

  • honestly an amazing singer

  • Dream, making music isn’t your thing.

  • How can he see through the mask

  • I hope the animators see success in the future. If I had worked on this, I wouldn't want to be credited.

  • damn

  • I hate disabled people and Jews

  • I’m 14 and this is deep

  • This was actually terrifying

  • Is very very good

  • Top

  • Cocomelon looking kinda different here 😳

  • What in the hell

  • this song actually helped alot

  • 1:38 Me when I find out that this cursed video exists

  • chamogus

  • Ok dream I just got to say I love your music and animation keep up the hard work and I love what you do and I’m inspired by you

    • I think Dream 2 is being sarcastic guys, because there is no way that someone actually likes this bs

    • @Mr Walker innit

    • Serious?

  • ben 10 is sad

  • This exposed him he is not really fine

    • dream really do be out here exposing ben 10s depressing dreams about touching grass

  • shat

  • This is so sad ;(

  • Wow this dream guy is cool he just did a speed run of a music career.4 months impressive

  • ..... Is this the song 'Unang Hirit' use as an outro when they ad.? And any Filipino here?

  • Why is dream acting like glasses are the end of the world....?

  • My eyes

  • Im so proud of you dream :)

  • It’s a sweet music vid but....how in the hell does he see through the mask 😂🤣

  • Remember kids. Take your normal pills and you wont be sad

  • The mha soundtrack has taken a strange turn.

  • Chills