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5:00LaMelo Ball Is Named the 2020-21 Rookie of the Year | NBA on TNT
LaMelo Ball Is Named the 2020-21 Rookie of the Year | NBA on TNTПриказа 117 хиљ.Пре 19 сати
2:02Chuck's Guarantee Button Brings Out Krispy Kreme Donuts | NBA on TNT
5:51The Inside Crew Reacts to the All-NBA Team Selections | NBA on TNT
The Inside Crew Reacts to the All-NBA Team Selections | NBA on TNTПриказа 435 хиљ.Пре 19 сати
3:05Gone Fishin’: Denver Nuggets | EJ's Neato Stat
Gone Fishin’: Denver Nuggets | EJ's Neato StatПриказа 163 хиљ.Пре 19 сати
5:17Can the LA Clippers Even Up Their Series With the Utah Jazz? NBA on TNT
19:17The Big Shot Bob | Robert Horry Joins The Big Podcast
The Big Shot Bob | Robert Horry Joins The Big PodcastПриказа 14 хиљ.Пре 19 сати
4:39Shaq Tries to Dunk on Chuck | EJ's Neato Stat
Shaq Tries to Dunk on Chuck | EJ's Neato StatПриказа 281 хиљ.Пре 7 дана
3:17Chuck Was Shook After A Snake Showed Up In Studio J | NBA on TNT
Chuck Was Shook After A Snake Showed Up In Studio J | NBA on TNTПриказа 297 хиљ.Пре 7 дана
6:52"Chuck" Interviews Chuck | EJ's Neato Stat
"Chuck" Interviews Chuck | EJ's Neato StatПриказа 265 хиљ.Пре 7 дана
27:51Hawks-Sixers Game 2 | Player Warm-ups
Hawks-Sixers Game 2 | Player Warm-upsПриказа 11 хиљ.Пре 7 дана


  • Obligation (noun) - the condition of being morally or legally bound to do something.

  • Chuck: "clips got a free swing. NOW the pressure is on!" So hilarious that these analysts keep saying NOW the pressure is on, game after game after game when clips keep proving they can handle it since down 0-2 to the mavs! When they dismiss utah in six you will hear the same nonsense. NOW they are in the WCF! The pressure is really on! 🤣

  • Again, Mark Jackon is black balled by the NBA. Give that man a chance, he can fit in Portland with Lillard and maybe Washington with them boys.


  • Kenny knows what’s up

  • That’s bullsh*t. They gotta take CP3 out but when lebron had it he was out partying without any consequences and basically let him go. They really hoeing Chris and the suns all together. Chris is a extra boost of skill and smart decision making when it comes on the court.

  • I wonder if this is a side effect of the vaccine he took, and not covid 19...

  • Kenny brought up his experience as a player and it was actually a great contribution to the conversation.

  • El padrino the name Shaq chose is pretty fresh lol

  • Well deserved ma men, congrats 🥳

  • Fair enough to Shaq admitting he’d be a hypocrite by slamming Embiid for something he used to do himself, but you can’t choose not to speak to the press because you lost.

  • Ernie stay with some fresh js

  • EJ got the 3s on

  • we would have lost that game if the coach were still Doc. Ty changed things up in the second half. Great coaching

  • shaq did em dirty

  • Rip kd

  • Oh they died bout it 😭

  • How do you not get Shaq out in dodgeball? He's like the biggest target of all time.

  • Don't hear them Jazz fans chanting "overrated" anymore 😅😅

  • Who else hates when Kenny speaks

  • Remember when Danny Ainge threw ball at Ellie's head cuz mad Rockets came back to win series

  • Shaq using some Michael Scott logic with obligations vs "have to"

  • This was won by Atlanta second unit. -26 in the first half goes on Young who had 0 assists. The only assistant in the first half was Bogdanovic with 1 assist while Philadelphia had around 10 in the same period. Sharing the ball was the key. To the very end Atlanta never shared the f. ball. This was a gamble of epic proportions and in 9 out of 10 such games Atlanta will lose. If I were Atlanta coach I would bench Young in the first half and play him only in the second. In the first half, Huerter and Bogdanovic should work together in setting some plays supported by Williams from the bench. In these kinds of games when there is no point guard Bogdanovic must not shoot the 3s if no clean look. -26 is the last warning to Atlanta. This way of playing is unsustainable.

  • At first I gave Kenny benefit of the doubt. I don't think he lied. I think he tried to be the voice and thought he was doing it right.

  • Wyd is Kenny wearing 👎👎👎 def no fly zone. Looking like a public defender lol

  • Media ain't got no business doing awards. Ball missed 20 games but Embiid don't get mvp cause he missed 20 games. League and players gotta do something about this!

  • 1:51 you're welcome everybody

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  • This a sad job of coaching I blame DOC..

  • Unsullied since last year when Budweiser sponsored this segment

  • Man I really just wanna throw hands with Embiid and expose him for the fake tough guy that he is

  • Ben Simmons does everything but score at a high clip and no one expects him to, to win these games. Tobias Harris is a MAX guy, and should be the 2nd option offensively but for some reason never takes any heat. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Shout to Ball but Anthony Edwards got snubbed he lead all rookies in scoring and played all season!

    • Edwards didn’t carry his teams most nights like Melo

  • The BEST show on EARTH!!!

  • Ben Simmons was #1 pick 5-6yrs ago, freak of nature athleticism and yet he hasn't gotten better as a player offensively at all. He played 38min,took 4shots,missed 10 free-throws, scored 8pts...SMH

  • Doc Rivers is known for having his teams lose leads in the 4th quarter. Saw him do it with Boston, Clippers, and now the 76ers. He is as much to be criticized as the players

  • No concern whether Paul will recover. Everyone knows he will. That speaks volumes about the unnecessary and over reactionary behavior involved with this entire Covid farce.

  • Kenny: “I gotta catch one! Catches one in the face 😂

  • Watching Shaq in slippers beaning Kenny with a dodgeball just made my day

  • I really want the Suns and Chris Paul to get that championship 💥☀️💥☀️💥☀️💥

  • "I'm never gonna dance again. Knocking knees have got no rhythm."

  • Chuck: "One doughnut aint gon make you overweight" Ernie: "We're taking your word on that?" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Congrats to PG all the way from indiana 🤘 hated to see him go but he is doing things for the clippers.

  • I agree with Chuck on this one as far as the players talk to the media after the game win or lose

  • sixers coach is good in blowing out a huge lead 😆

  • Now we know why Kendall left that boy. He scared to even try to take it to the hole. Devin taking it to the hole

  • Kenny is a racist! Facts

  • Emerge and Submerge. Yeah Kenny. Got that.

  • I remember when this bum ben simmons roasted Jared Dudley for saying he was exceptional in transition and average in the half court. Who knew Dudley was being complimentary.

  • Just like that Milwaukee game:(

  • Where is Kevin Durant? You’ve got to be kidding me!

  • Another victim at the hands of the Diesel. Kenny got tea bagged

  • Chris Paul has the worst luck since Greg Norman.

  • Why do they call it Studio J?

  • Alteast show the name of the person who is speaking on behalf of KD ...

  • Shaq and EJ just bullied them 🤣😂🤣😂

  • "Hops?" Kenny just shut up

  • When I’m playing dodgeball I need Shaq on my team

  • No one gonna talk about how Doc Rivers is an absolutely terrible coach?!

  • All that floppin' catches up to you. This, boys and girls, is why we don't cry wolf.

  • Ben Simmons is terrible. Is offensiveaibiloty outweighs his defensive productivity


  • The sarcasm in the beginning 🙄

  • 2:18 Shaq and Chuck smiling at the lie they just witnessed😅

  • MB goes “you ain’t even looking eh?” Melo “…..OHH”

  • Super Top Secret NBA Training Facility is in Warsaw Poland!!!

  • 😂

  • Can't wait to hear Lavar Itching to hear him

  • All this Clippers love is great, I just hope everyone is ready for the let-down. We are in the Semifinals. Lots of basketball left for the Clippers to lose.

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  • Words can mean different things to different people. Like the word ho

  • IS Jeff Green Da Leauges Greatest Underated Ever?? Dat CAT Can Flat Out Ball!! Much Respect..

  • I had Philly winning at first, but I really want the Hawks to win the series now. They fight and play hard.

  • Inside The NBA, please upload the older Who He Play for segment. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • These dudes are like little kids 😂 u gotta love this show. Best sports show EVER, zero debate.

  • 6:01 LOL!!!

  • A statue of Ernie need to be in the studio 🎙🎶

  • Greek Freak I Got News 4 you.. Shoulda Took your Talents to South Beach😁😁😁

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA down goes phoenix down goes phoenix

  • I love it go hawks!! We shut them up after all that cockiness in the first half hahaha whooooooo!! Sweet Lou thank u!!!