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2:03Game Recap: Trail Blazers 140, Rockets 129
Game Recap: Trail Blazers 140, Rockets 129Приказа 14 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:19Game Recap: Warriors 119, Jazz 116
Game Recap: Warriors 119, Jazz 116Приказа 92 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:14Game Recap: Grizzlies 115, Pelicans 110
Game Recap: Grizzlies 115, Pelicans 110Приказа 15 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:08Game Recap: Spurs 146, Bucks 125
Game Recap: Spurs 146, Bucks 125Приказа 24 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:12Game Recap: Pacers 111, Cavaliers 102
Game Recap: Pacers 111, Cavaliers 102Приказа 7 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:32Game Recap: Hawks 125, Wizards 124
Game Recap: Hawks 125, Wizards 124Приказа 48 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:42Game Recap: Lakers 123, Suns 110
Game Recap: Lakers 123, Suns 110Приказа 164 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:52Game Recap: Kings 126, Thunder 98
Game Recap: Kings 126, Thunder 98Приказа 12 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:52Game Recap: Bulls 108, Pistons 96
Game Recap: Bulls 108, Pistons 96Приказа 23 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:12Game Recap: Pelicans 112, Hornets 110
Game Recap: Pelicans 112, Hornets 110Приказа 43 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:51Game Recap: Mavericks 124, Cavaliers 97
Game Recap: Mavericks 124, Cavaliers 97Приказа 42 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:49Game Recap: Timberwolves 128, Magic 96
Game Recap: Timberwolves 128, Magic 96Приказа 15 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:51Game Recap: Knicks 106, Clippers 100
Game Recap: Knicks 106, Clippers 100Приказа 68 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:01Game Recap: Heat 130, Celtics 124
Game Recap: Heat 130, Celtics 124Приказа 51 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:12Game Recap: Nets 125, Nuggets 119
Game Recap: Nets 125, Nuggets 119Приказа 104 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:09Game Recap: Warriors 136, Thunder 97
Game Recap: Warriors 136, Thunder 97Приказа 123 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:58Game Recap: Trail Blazers 124, Spurs 102
Game Recap: Trail Blazers 124, Spurs 102Приказа 27 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:04Game Recap: Jazz 124, Rockets 116
Game Recap: Jazz 124, Rockets 116Приказа 31 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:47Game Recap: Wizards 133, Pacers 132
Game Recap: Wizards 133, Pacers 132Приказа 71 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:10Game Recap: Grizzlies 109, Raptors 99
Game Recap: Grizzlies 109, Raptors 99Приказа 20 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:46Game Recap: Sixers 118, Pistons 104
Game Recap: Sixers 118, Pistons 104Приказа 22 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:57Game Recap: Spurs 113, Kings 104
Game Recap: Spurs 113, Kings 104Приказа 15 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:02Game Recap: Trail Blazers 106, Lakers 101
Game Recap: Trail Blazers 106, Lakers 101Приказа 134 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:13Game Recap: Suns 128, Knicks 105
Game Recap: Suns 128, Knicks 105Приказа 31 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:00Game Recap: Jazz 127, Nuggets 120
Game Recap: Jazz 127, Nuggets 120Приказа 48 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:04Game Recap: Heat 121, Timberwolves 112
Game Recap: Heat 121, Timberwolves 112Приказа 31 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:45Game Recap: Mavericks 110, Cavaliers 90
Game Recap: Mavericks 110, Cavaliers 90Приказа 45 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:20GAME RECAP: Bucks 141, Rockets 133
GAME RECAP: Bucks 141, Rockets 133Приказа 32 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
2:05GAME RECAP: Hornets 122, Magic 112
GAME RECAP: Hornets 122, Magic 112Приказа 23 хиљ.Пре 22 сата
1:57GAME RECAP: Bulls 121, Celtics 99
GAME RECAP: Bulls 121, Celtics 99Приказа 36 хиљ.Пре 22 сата


  • Bad defense for the Jazz they dont have someone who can guard a shifty guard like Curry

  • Warriors💪🏻💙

  • Hi damulag

  • Curry as usual but Clarkson🥵 dude on fire!!♨️♨️

  • Dont like That commentator :/ sorry

  • I am like russell westbrok with his record 182 triple doubles

  • Russell have the worst selection of shots in Final Seconds of the Game...

  • clarkson playing like he owned this team the dude can be scary in the next few seasons

  • How is it possible? Victorys versus Phily, and Nets and then this....🤔

  • Okoro with the two hands for safety

  • 5 blocks by Valanciunas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Go Clarkson INDO PRIDE

  • 👑❤️

  • Não consigo entender esse time, em um jogo tem atuações desastrosas e geralmente contra times mais fracos aí pega um bom time e passa o carro por cima

  • Playoff Curry!

  • this is the first time i watch a sloppy utah jazz..or they are just afraid of the lakers to be there match up in 1st round.

  • Curry 🤔👽 Monster

  • less gooo the warriors ay they almost choked at the end

  • Look at curry man

  • L

  • As a bucks fan, I'm happy the spurs are heating up right now, anyone to tear up LeBron in the playin lol

  • This commentator's timing is always so off....

  • JC is a goat

  • Billion dollar NBA cant afford normal mics for the announcers? Echo everywhere

  • Grizzlies are interesting, no doubt about that. This is a growing team. Championship contenders by 2023.

    • @Tobibaps yeah it’ll be good

    • @andrew moonbeam yes if we can get Atlanta it would be a great season for the boys. At New York are lots of young guys that can get experience. And D Rose has to step up as a leader in the playoffs

    • @A A I know but I love to see these teams play afzinkt each other

    • @A A I know but I love to see these teams play afzinkt each other

    • @Tobibaps What I'd love to see is the Knicks get to the playoffs, Rose to step up and lead the team, showing the maturity he's achieved through adversity, and for the Knicks to make everyone look bad.

  • Spurs are interesting, no doubt about that. This is a growing team. Championship contenders by 2023.

    • @andrew moonbeam loll

    • @A A I was going to say the same thing about the Hawks but was afraid it would be overkill.

    • You said that about Memphis 😂

  • NBAトリプルダブル記録を塗り替えたラスは凄い!偉大だ✨

  • 50 points in the first quarter from the blazers wowwww. Is that a record or something

  • curry all shout was impossible

  • Steph Freakin Curry...... Monster

  • you are celebrating when no donovan and conley on the team lol...jazz in 4-1

  • Clarkson was insaneeee in the 4th qtr. This game was fun to watch 🔥🔥

    • 41 points yes indeed

  • 0:25 with a FALL away? hahahaha....your time is fading girl!

  • Warriors should never have released JaVane McGree. Need a big to fear the offendors. Big stop big foot. Drayblonds hah

  • Congrats Russ for triple double record we are so lucky to watch him live man

  • What A Rebound!

  • Look at curry man so inspritional

  • This commentator sucks

  • Wow 146 points its amazing man

  • MVP mode

  • All the respect in the world to Russ but he messed up in the last possession, either try to bring the ball to the basket and draw a foul even tho the lane was very crowded or pass to Neto which was open. Taking the 3 there was not the best option

  • 😢😢😢 but it is sure that they win and anticipate playoff!!

  • warriors become stronger

  • is this a hightlights for curry ?

  • Derozan becomes lil Kawhi ..

  • Cavaliers or rockets which one is worst team i dont know man

  • 19 blocks in one u must be kidding 😂😂😂☠️

  • Can someone please explain to me why Jordan Clarkson isnt a starter?

  • Cavaliers is so bad man

  • I love Westbrook but that last action...c’mon man seriously ? You know perfectly that your 3pts shoot sucks so why do you take that kind of risk ?? You are not Durant nor Curry, so just do what you know the best !! Push it to the rim ! They could have won the game if he has more basketball IQ

  • Well played grizzlies

  • Clarkson came to play... Steph still cooking

    • Cooking? Lol! Just shut up! Stephen Curry nailed it.

  • Last inbound shot should Bogdanovic take.

  • Awww, Russ could win the game if he attack the rim🤔

  • Technically jordans half court won the game

  • 8.4K hour

  • Good game, but that was a bad shot Russ, should've go for the midrange or lay up-thats his bread and butter

  • What A Game!!

  • if we work together you will survive in the playoffs some rounds ."Gladiator ."

  • Wow MVP Curry vs 6th man JC

  • Battles between two star Sc and JC 🔥

  • sumasabay si Clarkson..Iba ang Pinoy...Mabuhay

  • Kyleflin

  • We gon work hard to go to the playoffs Boyz Portland trail blazers gang wya?

  • Nurk and Lilard so good

  • Give that man his deserved 3rd MVP please

  • Laksiiaiaaiaiiaiiai

  • JC00!!!!

  • The Bucks are doomed if they play like this in the playoffs. What an embarrassing scoreline for them to say the least. The Spurs deserve to win.

  • Well, why am I not surprised... This guy is a bust. I ll keep reminding people that the bucks play better when he is not playing. Still can't believe he was gifted 2 mvp titles.

    • @Ted Kenny @A Tipsy it's you right? You ve got the same lame argument of people who don't follow basketball. I predicted that the bucks won't be the top seed way back before the season started. Now everyone sees it. I predicted curry will break all scoring records and he is doing it on a daily. Start watching games and you won't argue for nothing.

    • You think curry is the goat an also think lbj is better than mj stop talking because clearly your opinion doesn’t matter.🤫🤫

    • @akeme rofako u hurt my feelies bro

    • @A Tipsy You have no life. Typical giannis Stan.

    • akeme "giannis is a bust" rofako is back with his greatest hits! we missed you big fella!

  • Ohhhhhhhhhh here we are again witnessing the greatest player that this universe has ever seen. Can't wait for the playoffs to start. The title is in the bag.

  • Is this the best this narrator can do? "Wait for it"... What about take two?

  • 1:52 look this smile hahahahaha

  • 41pts for Clarkson! Got to give credit

  • Amazing game by Clarkson why does no one appreciate him?

    • @Robin Clarijs About the comments they are all over Curry

    • half the highlights where about Clarkson what are you talking about?

  • WGSyou iBook

  • Curry is unfair

  • He immediately asked for the game ball after bricking the game-winning shot. 😅 #hist0ry

  • Respect to JC!!!

  • This commentator really made basketball sound so boring even my girlfriend asked if I was watching highlights though I think she should commentate golf which is more slow paced.