Објављено 1 апр 2021

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  • this map reminds me the cod mobile zombies map🙆🏻‍♂️


  • It's the bo3 dlc knife but with a green orb

  • Noah let me pull of the spreadsheet and fix my hairline 456 😂

  • Where the beard goeeeeees

  • Yo it actually was turbo doing the voice 😂😂 look at the credits right side halfway down

  • 40:52

  • missin it...


  • Where is the firebow

  • Why is ur ip shown? What u mena to track you

  • How is that guy donating even tho Noah isn’t streaming how lol

  • Custom maps makes me have little respect for Treyarch maps. Reminds me that anybody can do it. I don’t want to play a map that anybody can make.

  • Who else understood what the loudest one means

  • That end music tho

  • Noahj456 a tsundere confirmed

  • I love the way Noah just casually says let me pull up the spreadsheet and then let me pull up the other spreadsheet ''there is two''

  • Where's Lex?

  • Does anyone know what map that tracks the ip name? I dont wanna get it by mistake

  • Any gun Noah doesn’t recognize or hasn’t used in zombies before? It bad. I wish he would try them out, or pap a decent gun he doesn’t know. Shows off the map & is much better than seeing the same guns we’ve seen over & over. I love the maps but gun variety of Noah is absolutely abhorrent.

  • Noah hates donations 2021

  • Jc j talking ab sea weed for a little n no one cares

  • I was looking for Turbo in the comment section 😔

  • Is Noah bald yet

  • Hi noah big fan been watching since bo3 hour guides where a big help on Easter eggs. keep up the good work bro I'm good at zombies myself I've been thinking about streaming but I don't know where start any tips🙏

  • Give us Lex

  • ZNS>>>>>>>> Revelations Change my mind

  • For ZNS, the Bowie knife should’ve been a machete

  • Hey Noah, are you planning to make a full series of Outriders???

  • Noah do us all a favor and never shave you look like that one kid in high school to t pose on the cafeteria table

  • he looks so different

  • Dose anyone remember Yellem and the fact it took them 2 hours to fight a marble?

  • No way Noah leaned closer to his monitor to hear better when he’s wearing headphones

  • Where did the beard go

  • dope

  • Thanks babe-not jc

  • Who else is getting shino Numa vibes

  • Hi Noah or anyone else in the comments! Anyone knows what JBL headset he is wearing? Can we get it in red ?

  • Custom Zombies > Cold War Zombies Change my mind

  • Exo zombies are bad 10:40

  • Dababy noah😂

  • Zetsobou on its own is more fun and repayable than all of cold war. Especially with these custom iterations. Kinda sad when a "disappointment" map is better than a whole game.........

  • This is the map Tim and turbo played when turbo said he was leaving zombies

  • Shino 2ma

  • I’d like to see a cod zombies map that resembles raccoon city from the resident evil games

  • Zetubou isn’t that bad It’s great

  • AMOUNG US!!!

  • turbo killed the voice acting on this one

  • EEWWWWWW Noahj shaved his mustache

  • It’s the malice

  • No hair noahj that’s the new trend😂

  • What happen to ur BEARD!!

  • Poor tobow rip him :(

  • Gorod Krovi is the best map imo. The EE was fun/hard and the ray gun mk 3 is beast.

  • Hey, Noah! I just got BO3 for PC. So maybe if I get the Zombies Chronicles by next week, we can run the Easter Egg

  • Noah is big dumb

  • love it

  • Oh no spiders

  • This map sick

  • Noah saying anything along the lines of let me look at the spread brings me a little bit of happiness at night

  • Unpopular opinion I actually loves this map it was a vibe

  • It breaks my heart to hear that Noah doesn’t remember the R70 Ajax from bo3

  • please

  • can you play call of duty:black ops zombes please

  • plese

  • I subribd and hit the like butten,and hit the bell.

  • can you play call of duty black ops zombes with me plese

  • EE4C 2021?

  • do you look at thess?

  • If it is no it is fine but I would be sad.

  • can you play call of duty black obs zombes plese I am 8.


  • poor turbo :(

  • Can we just talk about how at 17:26 noahj456 was actually considering killing jc for 5 more dollars


  • the title should have been 'Zets2bo No Shima'

  • Exo Zombies was bad

  • Rip noahs beard 😢

  • Feel so bad for Tim Hansen no one likes the guy or wants to play with him haha.

  • Pog

  • your the best noah who else loves his vids

  • Ahhhh more of these (good looking) custom maps with easter eggs pls theyre a hoot to watch!

  • I'm gonna sound stupid but did I hear Tim hansen

  • 03:50 This is factually incorrect, the how its done and the why its done. Also it is completely optional since the day after release.

  • Very sus without the beard. Lmao

  • Noah looks like he's 2 years old 😆

  • stop stealing Rabbt hiar cut

  • Rip turbo lol

  • This map looks B-E-A-utiful!! Treyarch should release the 20 best custom maps on PlayStation as a DLC... they would make sooo much money on it and the best thing about it is that the maps are already made so it wouldn’t cost them so much resources... I swear sometimes I feel like I would be such a great CEO at treyarch because the decisions that they’re currently making are poopoo 😂

  • Round 30 Orda still harder than Spider boss don’t @

  • The sickle is an Egyptian weapon my guy

  • The NSA wants to track zombie players in case there’s an actual zombie outbreak they can hit up the experts

  • Noahj oh boss fight I’m gonna play csgo now

  • Bro if this is Zetsubou 2... where the hell is Der Eisendrache 2?

  • Did you shave or something noah? You look different.

  • All hail the God of Spreadsheets NoahJ456

  • All I wanna see is halo speedruns

  • he looks like tommyinnit. in a bad way

  • Nobody: Me: Is it me, or is Noah missing an entire beard?

    • It's probably just a bug. It'll be fixed in the next update.

  • Hi