The Nuggets might need to give up Jamal Murray to keep Nikola Jokic happy - Paul Pierce | The Jump

Објављено 3 мар 2021
Paul Pierce and Richard Jefferson join Rachel Nichols on The Jump to play "Panic or Patience?" for the Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors and the Denver Nuggets.
0:00 Panic or Patience? for the Miami Heat
2:05 Jefferson says the Toronto Raptors need to give up assets moving forward.
4:32 Pierce says the Denver Nuggets should panic.
4:53 Pierce believes the Nuggets might need to give up Jamal Murray to get back into the top 4 in the Western conference and keep Nikola Jokic happy.
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  • Truth was right . Murray is done. They turned down Harden trade to keep Murray. Imagine Harden + Joker , they would’ve won more titles than Shaq + Kobe

  • "Chiefs need to give up Tyreek Hill, to keep Mahomes happy."- Paul Pierce

  • Nah... We keeping Murray and adding Aaron Gordon, son!

  • Paul pierce smoking crack

  • Ive learned just to not listen to Paul Paul Pierce. If you look at their chemistry jokic loves his teammates and where he played

  • Could Lowry go to Warriors

  • No no Oladipo for the heat

  • You can't help appreciating Richard He's genuinely funny

  • Did Paul not watch Jamal in the playoffs last year? Seriously

  • Just stop Paul! He as been banged up and has played through it. He does not wine about it.... You talk about patience for the Heat...Nothing for Jamal...Come on man.... They need help and depth.

  • Paul pierce is the worst sports analyst ever.

  • Paul peirce don't know what he is talking about

  • Media always dividing players.

  • When Denver makes the finals, I'm coming for everyone on youtube, social media and any 'media guy' who talked down on them

  • I say give Murray, Barton and Harris for Beal and Bertrans and try Milsap and pick for some vet like Grant or Covington and nuGGets!!! Jokara brat!!! MVP!!!

  • Pierce is not a hall of famer .

  • Jefferson makes sense but Pierce? Nah,

  • Paul "The Crybaby With Huge Ego" Pierce

  • yes denver need to trade murry when he still worth something and bring some real help for jokic. a star cant play 1 game good and next 10 trash games just cant! so now we have conclusion that murry is not a star.

  • He ain’t lying tho, watch Jokic’s interviews last year he wasn’t fully invested as a nugget and you could tell his head is elsewhere but he’s just balling to ball, say what you like but he’ll be out of Denver within 1-2 years.

  • I gotta headache reading this title

  • Why is espn keeping all these hard heads around and getting rid of the ladies

  • Jokic is the best, greetings from Serbia.

  • Lol this is how teams ruin dynasties

  • I dont like them calling Murray as the Robin to Jokic's Joker coz we comic book nerds know what The Joker did to Robin.. :(

  • If you get game for murray and MPJ you do it.

  • This is the dumbest take I have ever seen, y’all need help

  • be quite paul you hater

  • The somber mosquito intringuingly tip because mascara intriguinly live following a forgetful clipper. orange, acoustic microwave

  • Paul pierce is wrong and here’s tf why..

  • espn need to fire paul asap to keep basketball fans happy

  • Imagine doing what Murray did in the playoffs and then THE NEXT SEASON, GM Paul Pierce is like, get him out of here.

  • Jamal Murray for Kyle Lowry 🤔

  • The hesitant caption diagnostically communicate because timpani concretely book below a adorable tugboat. omniscient, well-groomed man

  • paul pierce is god awful

  • Smh espn doing everything to break up teams like Suns, Jazz and Nugs

  • Give up Jokic and murray to make MPJ happy.

  • Jamal Murray ain't that good. Been said this.

  • Murray is good, they should move Garry Harris and Will Barton.

  • trading Jamal Murray?? Paul really need to be gone.. his annalistic is so horrible ever since he pop on media.

  • I love Paul, but sometimes he's literally an idiot lol. Murray 26 5 6 in the bubble. Started out slow because of injuries. Averaging almost 30 `this month. 22 4 5 on the season.

  • The sound effects were annoying lol

  • Can Rachel shut up lol

  • Want to hear my best joke Paul Pierce? THE CELTICS! THAT'S THE JOKE!

  • Everybody can't win, it's part of the game. A lot of fans and spectators want their team to win. Good luck. Nuggets going no where. Raptors, 76ers, Nuggets, Boston scared to make moves.

  • Jamal is a good player

  • I think paul forgot that murray was one of the major factors in getting the nuggets to the wcf last year. Only reason he wasn't an all star this season was because of his slow start, and I would say nagging injuries had something to do with that. If he can sustain something close to what he's done over the last 10+ games, that's an all star caliber player. Also he's not even 25 yet lol no one knows what his ceiling is right now. He could end up better than beal in the next couple years. And he has great chemistry with joker, something that took years to develop.

  • The title of this video 😂 nobody watches our team man 😭😭

  • lmfao y'all prove every day you don't actually watch the nuggets.

  • Trade Lowry to the Clippers for Pat Bev and Luke Kennard

  • They need Cousins and Rondo and they're automatically dangerous asf

  • Pierce is an idiot. Move Jamal. That’s why no one is offering him a coaching or front office gig.

  • Paul pierce: murray needs to go to Boston

  • Me: sees title Also me: sees that it’s Paul pierce

  • Jamal Murray ain’t going nowhere

  • Fact

  • I know Paul pieces ain’t talking worry about your Celtics, Raps are only two games behind since they should be “panicking”

  • Espn reaching again

  • Can someone please tell me the name of the track at the beginning of the video?? Really appreciate it!

  • This is grasping at straws !

  • Trade Gary Harris, Bol, 2 first rounders, and a 2nd for Bradley beal, and the Nuggets will be title bound.

  • Why do ppl listen to this 🤡, he was a joke as a player and he is just a hater

  • I’m convinced Paul Pierce doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  • trade Murray?! you’re joking...

  • 1:12 Jimmy’s butler age

  • Why ESPN make that thumbnail so sus?? 🤔🤔

  • nuggets should trade murray and get jocic a bigtime duo, trade murray for zach lavine i think the bulls will agree with that straight trade, jocic+lavine will be a scary dynamic duo.

  • Nikola may be the joker but Pail Pierce is a clown

  • Y’all love to hate on Paul Pierce when he telling the truth

  • Jamal murray for a bradley beal doesnt sound too shabby.

  • Paul rarely says something nonBS, but yeah they gotta get Joker a new Robin, maybe Oladipo+Lowry. also, letting go of JGrant really hurt them.

  • Give Richard Jefferson his own show on ESPN

  • Paul pierce is an absolute clown

  • Jamal Murray >>> Brick Simmons

  • how does Paul Pierce have a job with yall bro

  • This is as stupid as saying the Seahawks need to trade Russell Wilson to make Pete Carroll happy.

  • This is simply idiotic. Jokic and Murray carry that team. To say that one of those two need to be traded is pure stupidity. I have seen no beef between the two either, they play as a team.

  • I don't know why the jump is still entertaining the comments from Paul pierce.. Oh wait.. It's 100% entertaining 🤣

  • Bradley Beal for Jamal Murray and Gary Harris plus 1 1st round draft pick

  • I wish Rachel would shut up when other people are talking.

  • Giving up Jamal is a terrible idea. He’s averaging 21.8pts, 4.6ast, and 4.2rbs. Who wouldn’t want that from there PG? The nuggets need to scrub the whole team besides Jamal, jokic, Porter, and Bol Bol. Everyone else can bounce and start new.

  • Pierce is right 💯...Murray overrated

  • Murray is overrated. If they want to be a contender they need to trade this guy....he sometimes drop big numbers but he's not a 2nd guy in champ team for sure

  • Paul pierce again? funny stupid clown..

  • maybe it's time to lay that pipe down Paul

  • Next up: Pierce says young boys should separate from their fathers to make themselves better men

  • I really wish Pierce would get a gm role not on my team

  • Jamal Murray may be outside of the top 7 in the regular season, but he is in the top 3 in the playoffs. Go figure!

  • Stfu god dam Paul pierce

  • This is a horrible take

  • I don’t take anything this guy says seriously

  • Paul is such an idiot, literally only has this job because he could ball. He’s made himself look like an idiot time and time again. Here’s the latest example

  • I’d give up Murray still, It’s Jokers time now. Murray had his opportunity to be the guy.

  • Pierce talks a lot of bs but him and Jefferson make an ESPN segment enjoyable for the first time

  • Umm might want o reword that. Jamal Murry>than joker

  • i see what paul is saying id give up murray and mpj for Lavine

  • They need to tell Paul pierce to quit commentating cause this ain’t it.

  • Also don’t sleep on the raptors

  • Jamal Murray the real reason why them niggas got so far inna playoffs he was going off no disrespect to Jokic but that playoff run last year Jamal played better basketball than him in my opinion

  • No I think the Denver nuggets should keep what they have