The Next Chapter...

Објављено 6 апр 2021
I'm excited for this new journey and I hope you all support the decision. Much love
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  • This is good actually save the money from when u turn 40 or older and buy yourself a house you are still young live life and do good desicions SAVE YOUR MONEYY

  • Rug no matter where you are we won’t stop supporting you. When your a subscriber when your part of the rug family no matter where you go you have our full support ✨✨✨ ALL POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!

  • New beginning and New Chapter Rug

  • Do what makes you happy

  • Almost 19 mil

  • 🙋🏽‍♂️

  • I don’t get why people would stop supporting just bc of a house that makes no sense

  • 4:19 Faze Temperrr 🥴🤤

  • I support no matter what ❤️🤘🏾

  • When your young you don't need that big house ❤ be happy

  • 👍

  • are y’all EVER GONNA PLAY COD????

  • who noticed the iluminati sign

  • Yo whats up with the shirt why you got the Illuminati semble you pray to the devel bro

  • Cringe af

  • Faze rug for life

  • Bruh this guy is buying houses like every other week 🤣🤣

  • "The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories".-mencius

  • Bra then why did you build a basketball court, I know it can be replaced but that’s still just sending money

  • look at the shirt in the intro lol

  • illuminati confirmed lol

  • Ayo in all the vids I watched of rug I saw a witch riding a witch broom-cough cough- rugs noes

  • I love rug and totally understand why he wants to move out but bro your rich asf no need to worry about it this much 😭

  • Bro what was u going to do with the room

  • IF u sopporyt kam unsubscribe

  • To enter faze: 2017- good skill at video games 2021- good looks

  • its okay

  • You just young and dumb but I support it

  • Blaziken never moved in 😔

  • Done

  • Moma rug ain’t playing around

  • Plot twist

  • He couldn't afford the house that's the truth. What type of loser would leave a house like that? Excuses.

  • I understand you do you I love you no matter what


  • House likes

  • Weird I was wondering why I wasnt seeing your videos. I KNOW I WAS SUBSCRIBED. I click in and see im not subscribed anymore. Wtf

  • My favorite memory was when you did the candy store

  • People watching this like: -in bed -not in full screen -reading comments -if I am right, u owe me a sub 💪🏾

  • I'm watching his movie on amazon prime

  • Jarvis lmao

  • Hey Rug. I'm from Nigeria. Apparently I tried to watch crimson and it said crimson isn't available in my country. Pls what can i do. Contact me on ig kazzim_thesecond

  • We need the new house hunting vlogs...rug love u I'll keep supporting u 💗 ❤

  • 👍 good 👍

  • Ur parents house was better the pool of ur parents house 😍

  • 1

  • Can you have a colabration with dude perfect and make a video

  • Jarvis Busted Head😂

  • Rug it’s okay us as fans we understand we love u ur amazing fav memory is the Christmas chopping

  • King Bosley bussin bussin

  • 2:34 Sweet home Alabama 🎵

  • Swagg 😭

  • Why would you even bye a house if you were going to sell it

  • only 221 day's till your bday...

  • Done!

  • Almost at 19 million subs

  • I don't get the meaning of the title

  • You should just buy land and build what ever you want

  • He said I could re build this in my new house is he getting a new house

  • My favorite are the challenges with the random people


  • I will miss the videos there, but all that matters is that Rug is happy and he keeps on making amazing videos...

  • My wife is 31 and I'm 29 we are long time supporters of you . You should never rush we still haven't found rhe right house that feels just right and have rushed before . You will find it when the time is right . As for people who won't support you for looking out for your happiness them fuck them not trying to be harsh but a real supporter would stand by you no matter what . Best of luck to you while your journey continues

  • nice

  • I like cookies. Oh wait I dont O

  • Done

  • I’ve seen the water trick on tiktok

  • i understand rug u feel home sick where ever ur parents are u gotta be

  • Keep motivating and inspiring. Love from India 🇮🇳

  • what about the gym

  • I have done it. Please stay connected

  • Mama rug roasted Jarvis 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Done

  • “The next chapter” stealing Roman Atwood’s words but no hate still support you

  • ngl im gonna miss this house

  • Ayo, We want you to do workout vids

  • Why do people hate he makes you happy but he should be happy to

  • Done

  • Waw

  • "The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories".-mencius

  • Hey animals drink from toilets so like 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I am going to miss all your memories there and that house🥺we all love you and just a reminder Jesus loves you too🤍

  • 13:31 how do you forget a lambo lol

  • Please don't rush into buying new house again. Take your time.

  • Please tell me someone else notices the symbolism in the clothes he wears.. Its super weird honestly..

    • happy humble yourselfs it’s disgusting what you guys have become

  • Here for you rug till the end my boy🚀

  • Bawadis should grow the top of his hair it looks good 💯

  • I don’t know why people hate and can’t respect someone’s decision if you don’t understand then your not in that level yet 100

  • for a sec I thought she was millie bobby brown 🤣

  • Show your family the new faze members that would be sick

  • OKAY we will put our self in your shoes

  • Done

  • i thought that this video would be about the next chapter of the ghosts in his new house bc we all know where ever faze rug goes there will be ghosts

  • Im happy when your happy it don't matter where you live as long a you on youtube


  • I support you

  • Bro mrbeasr gives more money

  • It was awesome that you were on Moms Basement podcast! Keep up the good content

  • My favorite memory was Christmas vid

  • Bruh when will this family learn that the materialistic shits is not gonna bring happiness they are all depressed af bc they rely on these million dollar houses to make them happy humble yourselfs it’s disgusting what you guys have become