#TeamLeBron & #TeamDurant Draft | 2021 #NBAAllStar

Објављено 4 мар 2021
Watch LeBron James and Kevin Durant make their selections for the 2021 #NBAAllStar game!
All of All-Star in One Night on March 7!
🌟5 PM ET: NBA Tip-Off presented by CarMax
🌟6:30 PM ET: #TacoBellSkills & #MtnDew3PT
🌟8:00 PM ET: 70th NBA All-Star Game
🌟Halftime: #ATTSlamDunk
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  • I love how the starters are worst than the reserves on Kevin durants team

  • KD was like, if I cant play, our teams not winning 😂

  • It’s the fact that LeBron barely played and still won😭😭

  • LeBron : ima take Giannis Giannis : that’s a great pick

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  • LeBron: I’ll take Giannis Giannis at home: Hey, thats my african brother

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  • Harden was on the bench how

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  • Team lebron ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • No one wanna pick Rudy gobert because he started the Rona😂

  • When two of your favourite players are in different teams...

  • Vamos hispanos comenté porque los big Bros controlan los negocios

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  • Akumpo

  • Those two guys have been a bit a rivalry sometime like OKC vs Miami and Cleveland vs GSW...but there's one question for me as those two of the all stars... Question Why Lebron or Durant were those pick last by two utah jazz player like Micthell and Gobert??? .... Was it the best record of the NBA or was it might as a biggest enemy/threat....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • 1997.2000.2001.2002.2003.2004 Best All Star Games

  • How does Donovan Mitchell get drafted towards the end. Many player selected before him that are not as good as he is.

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  • in my thoughts LeBron James is much more famous than Durant

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  • Why isn't Jamal Murray included😮

  • I know this is old but KD got dunked on

  • Devin Booker is underrated same with Zachary Lavine

  • pls m nears a sleep

  • Love Jaylen brown big Celtics. Fan

  • Le Ron owns my favorite baseball team the Red Sox ya lebron

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  • When you look at team KD your like: their stacked. But then you see LBJ


  • The guy taken before KD, LeBron cause he the first team captain and kd the second

  • Team lebron

  • Are you f****** kidding lebron,Giannis,steph wtf thats basically the dream team

  • Luka magic

  • With the Lakers winning a championship, that means KD will want to come and play with them now. I just don't know if Bron would be willing to make such a weak a$$ move like adding KD to a roster that already won a championship together. We know Steph regretted playing with KD, I bet Bron would too if he let KD's slimy a$$ come over.

  • I JUST watched the game......... Chef Curry completely destroyed the game!!!! Jokic dunkin on dem niggas!!!

  • Lebron: im gonna take- Giannis: thats a great pick

  • Everyone:pick me LeBron 🙏

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  • How is it possible for Durant to make an ass starting 5 in an all star draft lol

  • I wanted team KD to win than lebron chose jaylen brown and he my fav player soooo Go team lebron

  • Ngakak pak aji lebron

  • VIRAL VIRAL facebook.com/watch/?v=177052554042692 watch the video VIRAL

  • LeBron james king james

  • lebron is my fav

  • You mean.....team Jesuit puppets.

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  • When Lebron retires, he should be the GM for Lakers. LeGM is too good

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  • Zion Williamson

  • Bro why don’t you pick

  • Lebron clapping kd bc of the lineups

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  • the difference between KD and Lebron. One says "team lebron chooses" and the other one says "i pick" . subtle change in words but it really makes you see which one of the captains is here to play a team game and is overall about assisting

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  • Thats a great pick

  • Durant was forced to pick his teammates first lmao

  • I liked east vs west better. 🖕 Lebron

  • Luka magic .

  • You guys don’t forget that LeBron is afraid to walk outside because the police might kill him

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  • lebron, curry and atetokoumpo

  • Lets Go! #TakeNote

  • I finally got to see Lebron and curry team up

  • Barkley ain't lying, Lebron and Durant be disrespecting the Jazz.

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  • Yes

  • Kd picks who he likes. Lebron picks like a nba recruiter or coach lol. ...Balancing his team

  • I thought KD at first pick choosing Steph

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  • Both of yall need hats and hairclub for men bad......

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  • 4:56 damn

  • Funny how LeBron was being a bitch ass pussy for not wanting to play the Allstar game but now he good 🙄.. Yea he ain't winning shit this year. Brooklyn all the way!

  • Yo

  • Lebron : *Plays* *Guitar* Giannis : That's a great pick!

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  • Kevin Durant not trying to Pick good players

  • "I choose Giannis" KD: :[

  • Game had lowest viewers in HISTORY I guess the get woke go broke thing is a reality

  • I fell bad for Lebrun having to have stupid Rudy gobert

  • レブロンヤニスカリーが集結してネッツに対抗しよう^^

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  • LeBron didn’t just draft he picked the players who would have the most chemistry with each other

  • Bruh look at kd’s shirt

  • Lewoke BLM Marxist lechina

  • 100