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  • Me: Played through before watching Noah: Oh the first cut Me: *shakes head* you’ve got a long game ahead of you.

  • This just in: local gamer boy doesnt know how to look up unless told

  • Dude Ethan’s hand has been through a lot of slicing and pain

  • @NoahJ456 fat shaming video game characters ain't cool bro

  • How comes when he first met duke he got all those things for free and he had a hand gun there I didn’t get any of that?

  • They should make it so you have to be 5 years+ to chat so I can feel special

  • Anyone else notice the part where 25:10 where Ethan is under the house, completely surrounded by brick foundation, then suddenly thrown through a wooden wall and is on the ground floor again, with no way to reaccess that area with the bodies, and no hole in the floor where he was dragged down by the enemy?

  • Have you seriously never played the Uncharted series on your channel....... or have I missed it somewhere!?

  • Less goooo

  • Question. Which cut is the deepest?

  • SPOILER! I can't believe I didn't notice on the paper it says "Eliminate target" and not Mia Winters because the game developers were setting up miranda pretending to be Mia.

  • Love yur live streams Noah krrp up the good work :)

  • mfw the happy part of the game is still lowkey creepy

  • I like how at 2:37:16 Noah changed her sentence from "You've ruined the hunt to "You ruined my body"

  • Remember when the other sketchy loved one was Mai Green hell anyone

  • "words can not hurt you" Mobbing rate goes to zero

  • FBI open up

  • Everything connects if you played resident evil 7 you’ll know what I’m talking about

  • Can’t wait for the speed runs

  • I swear 5:20 this girl reminds me of my ex

  • I fell weird watching this well named Ethan

  • anyone else realize how similar this start is to Resident evil 4? 4+4 is 8 and also resident evil 4 was one of the best if not the best game of their series. Bunch of small details that are very similar to resident evil 4. Something to think about. Interesting

  • That's what I call miracle hand cream

  • dissatisfied, didn't see tall mommy fast enough

  • glad to hear that noah is back.

  • 0:12 he already messed up the title... i quit

  • 1:32:42 lol

  • 17:38 “ohhh it’s just a little mousie” *five seconds later* ohhh it’s just a little housie

  • 53:55 Auto Tune Death

  • I’m just happy to see him playing games besides zombies

  • 2:41:55

  • im just now realising that this entire game is resembling of the fairy tale told at the beginning

  • We all can put a stop to stupid politics “sounds aren’t real” NoahJ 2024

  • Anyone notice this is basically the house from bio hazard

  • Noah you got me laughing so hard what an absolute legend u are

  • 32:12

  • 31.51

  • i Know You Are Hurt But Do You Need To Be So Loud About It ?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hell Yeah Close Your nearly dead Mouth Old Man LMAO !!!

  • 59:38 man

  • 1:23:08 is a reference to RE4. It made me chuckle cause RE4 is one of my favorite games 🙌🏽😂

  • How did he get that free ammo before he enters the castle?????

  • Man looks at the statue puzzle, and says the 3 poor ass looking men aren't the beggars the entire time

  • "What is it with Ethan and his hands bro?" Had me dying😂🤣

  • Look at Noah’s eyes look up and down 😂😂1:31:07

  • The amount of loot he missed😭

  • 59:38 I died 😂

    • @Well yunno so Glad someone enjoyed it haha

    • Smfh 🤣🤣🤣

  • he sniffed the chair and i lost it 😂😂😂

  • Who else noticed the merchant mentioned the RE 4 merchant

  • Saw someone call the first aid meds "Jesus juice" 😂


  • If skyrim was a horror game with guns

  • The game into also reminds me of the deathly Hallows art work

  • My guy said biohazard lol

  • Mama mama 2:25:53

  • bruh ur nasally ass voice is so loud

  • "what are you buying, ha just something an old friend used to say" anyone else notice this reference to resi 4 merchant when he met the Duke????

  • After 37:15 Ethan got a job as a Whiterun guard

  • Live look at Noah’s house CHAT NOOOOO😂😂😂

  • "everyone has seen resident evil 7" but not meeeeeeeee =(

  • Bro you pranked the Living f*ck out of us with your i quit. Im still trippin

    • Lmao “ePiC prAnK br0!” 🤡

  • Watching Noah do the statue puzzle was so sad omg why you so dumb lol

  • ngl one of those lycans in the beginning looked like Dante

  • I never really understood why people look up walkthroughs for a game that just came out. I’m here now to see if the game is even worth buying. Play through the game yourself and make your own decisions

  • I haven’t seen resident evil 7

  • My boy really said biohazard rofl

  • Can't wait to see the big lady come back in the DLC

  • The chat lmao on every vampire lady scene lol She do be bad tho I’d hit that

  • Hola

  • magneto

  • Noah at the end quietly following lady D behind SILENT OMG

  • My man Ethan be able to reattach any severed limb with a little alcohol

  • I'm farther in the game than you but I can't wait to see your reactions to what happens

  • NoahJ456, kid your FN hilarious! Love your videos, you always make me laugh! "Live look at Noah's house????? FD up chat!!!"! LMFAO! Great show!

  • “Live look at Noahs house” got me rollinggg😂😂💀

  • That part about Noah's house killed me.

  • I just want to take a second and say Noah wastes so much time doing stupid stuff rather than playing the game he does the exact opposite of what hes supposed to do but still i enjoy watching him play so its whatever for me.

  • The man literally cures my depression lol that sniff got me so bad 😂🤣

  • “Who would read this, to a child?!”

  • Noah, in regards to the first aid, Ethan was infected with the mold in re7. As a result he has some regenerative abilities that enhances the effectiveness of the meds exponentially

  • Noahj456 "I didnt quit youtube so i could help people" next day "you guys are literal human garbage"

  • three guys were the poor, guy on horse was male advances

  • Brightness seems a bit low.

  • 1:52:35 insert Seth Rogan laugh here

  • I hope you know we are expecting a speed run Mr.Noah

  • Noahj: Resident Evil 8 biohazard, me: ‘facepalm’

  • Anyone else happy this happened 9:48

  • My man Ethan be surviving everything over here

  • You could've shot the other window out!!

  • Go Indy get that ammo 😎🤙🏻

  • OMG your such a scaredy-cat 😂 you don’t have to worry about the character dying cause NOAHJ456 will die of fright just playing the game 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • I loved the, I ain't going in the gulag lmao x

  • Noah I’m the worst at horror games also noah cracked my guy 😩

  • When he didn't get the riddle a piece of my soul died and I lost faith in humanity

  • He risk it all


  • Cracks me up Game: "Here gamer take this literal pipe bomb right before you face three enemies at once" Noahj: "Thats alotta ammo" *proceeds to juke enemies and miss out on all of the loot* Also noahj: "Imagine I just use the pipe bomb to unlock this easy to lockpick drawer"

  • Noah can I get your ps5 name please

  • Guaranteed 100% legit free Ray gun from the merchant!! Just follow these simple steps. Aim at face with pistol for exactly 3 seconds, 360 while jumping 2 times, crouch and melee in is order face face, crotch crotch, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, arm (either arm), belly, then press start. If done correctly the merchant explodes and leaves a ray gun that one shots everything.

  • This is what I'll be playing. Cold war is in the garbage I my opinion.

  • 28:07 when your mom tells you to take the trash out at night and your garbage can is on the side of the house 😐👋😵