Rare Americans - Hey Sunshine (Official Video - Clean)

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Rare Americans present the official music video for Hey Sunshine. Presented with the support of the Province of BC, and Creative BC.

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Written by: Rare Americans
Produced by: James Priestner, Jeff Quinn, Lubo Ivan
Mixed By: Ben Kaplan
Recorded by: Jeff Quinn
Mastered by: Chris Gehringer @ Stirling Sound

Animated & Directed by: Solis Animation (Toronto, Ontario)
Concept by: Rare Americans & Solis Animation

Hey Sunshine,
Goodbyes are the strangest part
Good things come to an end
It was just this morning
Was it the last time?

I dropped you off at the airport
$100 bucks it cost you
And that grant you forgot about sucks
You said it fuck baby, it was worth the bucks

Hey Sunshine,
Goodbyes are the strangest part
Is this the end or just the start?
Is this the end or just the start?

Hey Sunshine,
Goodbyes are the strangest part
Is it the end or just the start?
Cuz I’ve been getting used to you

Woke up anxious, 5am

I can’t sleep when we’re layin’ like that
Learning over time
The shit I talk sometimes
I’m sorry if I fucked with your mind
Cuz I had a good good time with you
I had a real good time with you

Hey Sunshine,
Goodbyes are the strangest part
Is this the end or just the start?
Is this the end or just the start?

Hey Sunshine,
Goodbyes are the strangest part
Is this the end or just the start?
Cuz I’ve been getting used to you

You said its been 4 months, be straight with me
Do you like me or am I just company?
You said it’s been 4 months, be straight with me
Do you like me or am I just convenient company?
Am I just company?
Am I just your company?

Hey Sunshine,
Goodbyes are the strangest part
Is this the end or just the start?
Is this the end or just the start?

Hey Sunshine,
Goodbyes are the strangest part
Is this the end or just the start?
Is this the end or just the start?
Cuz I’ve been getting used to you
Cuz I’ve been getting used to you
Cuz I’ve been getting used to you


  • I love how in the music video they’re bumpin the song

  • What’s up with this horse family and cats

  • Damn, real shit like the moneyz and milk man and then popping off with love songs like this and baggage. If that aint range nothing is.

  • 2:15: unexpected. This is a fricking incredible animation though. And song.

  • is there a non clean version?

  • 0:00

  • Great music!

  • :(

  • Well, I think it's safe to say, this is their new best song

  • I hate it when my horse and cheetah start crossbreeding

  • HÓrs

  • im relly surprised that rule34 didt got this far

  • You can always count on Rare Americans to make a bomb ass song. And you can always count on Solis Animation to make that song into a bomb ass video.

  • Rare Americans literally doesn’t not have a bad song, some mediocre, but not one actually bad song

  • I like these casiones that he does,

  • Or at least me

  • When these people pass the wold will fall apart

  • I usually never comment on videos/music. But I can’t skip this, TOP 10 in my favorite songs. Now I Can’t stop listening to this. ITS JUST THE START

  • Wait do they keep humans in zoos in their universe

  • Why would someone make a zoo with sentient anthropomorphic animals? that boss is a weirdo(not to sound critical of the song, just that that boss is obviously not a good person.This song is awesome)

  • GUYS I noticed that the blonde boy looks like MattyBraps (I don't know what their names are haha) ayuda mi mente exploto

  • im not usually into love or romance songs but i like this. it is tolerable and enjoyable to listen to. It is not over the top like most songs that are about a girl or guy some one loves

  • I love the song this was my first time hearing it

  • Furros

  • This is literally furry bait. WHY!!

  • Like the tension to detail about Charlie the horse been super big compared to The cheta

  • at each day we're getting closer to hullaballo 2

  • Happy 500k subs tho

  • The romantic version of Ryan and Dave

  • Brittle bones nicky is definitely my favorite on this channel

  • so at 2:42 i'm pretty sure that the rather obvious humans Are Nicky and the girl that did a line right off his y'know.

  • Among us

  • 1:26 Стас Барецкий???????

  • Hey make a lyrics video

  • Cmon guys, let Alfred have one good ending relationship for once

  • Yo this is sad Any ways, who wants to Roblox w/ me*silently dies in cringey 5yo*

  • Love the song, and have watched the video a bit too much. So much to the point where I noticed that many of the scenes have the slightest shake to them. At first I thought it was my screen or just my eyes going weird, but no, look at the edges of some scenes, it is drawn so it looks like someone is actually filming it on a not-so-perfect balance. Interesting small detail, but I can't watch this video because I can't unsee it and it makes me motionsick. Still incredibly well done and amazing song. I'm sorry for whoever reads this and discovers the same thing and can no longer watch the video.

  • You know what they say: you can lead a horse to roller, but you can't make him rink

  • This looks like an alternate universe to bojack horseman

  • This makes me so happu

  • I like how They made this One clean It was Nice New Touch especially for there Younger audience And the music video was so cute Keep doing u rare Americans

  • ah man why the long face

  • No sé cómo llegué aquí, ni me arrepiento

  • My first ever girlfriend just dropped me off at the airport yesterday. She has her issues and flaws but in my eyes, she's perfect. Compassionate about others, great humor, incredibly talented, cute behind. It's a wonder she got interested in me. We've been together for four months but it's been the best of my life. I've never been great with people after dealing with an addiction of mine, but the moment she popped into my life, everything felt so easy. Everything flowed. I had my first kiss with her on a hill outlooking a sunset, a makeshift picnic. We spent every day and night together, falling asleep on call and asking how each other were. I've moved around a lot for my childhood and have met a lot of different people in my life. And only a handful of people have kept steady contact with me. My greatest friends have become lost to time and distance. So I'm scared. I'm afraid of losing this perfect person due to something outside of our control. We're both moving abroad, her for education, me for work. We'll be in different continents, and with our wobbly sources of income, it's unclear when the next time we'll see each other will be. We'll be going into long-distance and we both want this to work so badly. Today is that first day. This song came up in her playlist by accident and just seemed to fit perfectly as well. It was eerie how on point it was in relation to what was happening for us. I hope this can become a testament, something both of us can look back on hopefully together in person, maybe edit this and have a happy ending. But that'll be a long whiles for now. Just gotta stick it through. I'm sorry if this felt conceited but thank you for reading all the way.

  • why she bald


  • ok one question they were a zoo this must be a human zoo cause the main character are animals

  • 1:13 the way he says sorry sounds Canadian to me I don't know why

  • Didn’t think I’d watch a horse man and a… leopard woman? Have sex today but here we are

  • Every song sounds better at 1.25% speed Test it

  • A horse walks into a bar…

  • My cousin: what the fuck why does that cheatah a man voice and is the horse gay or what. Me: what the fuck no u fuckin Morron Give some respect.

  • Anyone else getting YFM vibes from Rare americans or just me?

  • So from my understanding. The cheeta girl, was being pimped or "sold" by the guy at the beginning. Our favorite horse boy is just a middle man to make sure she gets where needs to go. Cheetah girl then decides that she doesn't want to live this way anymore, and, understandably, attempts to escape. Horse boy and cheetah girl form a close connection, and eventually decides to propose to this girl. She skates away blissfully ignorant of what she had just rejected. Eventually, she decides to fly away. To start a new life, with adventures. The moral of the story is: "Good things come to an end."

  • Not to rush you Guys but when is a new brittle bones Nicky song coming out

  • GUYS I SWEAR I'M NOT A FURRY.... She is hot though

  • Good song anime not but very good drow

  • Dang that 'real real good time with you' hits different

  • No offence but the horse got bigeyes

  • When will the uncensored version be released?

  • The giant horse cock weighs over 11 lb and is over 9 inches in length

  • total furries lmao no but seriously DM me yo

  • Is there a NOT depressing song with this horse

  • It should be a crime that I'm just now hearing about this band.

  • You might've dropped a little something there on 1:37

  • I don't know probably the end, don't know why it would be the start.

  • Beurifur

  • Is this the same horse from hullabaloo?

  • For some reason I was unsubscribed why yourube

  • Just like his grandpa, had let the woman go so she would be happier

  • omg this is so cute yOUR GET YOU WOMANS BOJACK

  • Brazil love this music

  • Hey extra baggage makes us human......

  • 1:26 is anyone going to point this out or we are just going to ignore it?

  • I'm not crying. You are crying 😭

  • Why even add curse words if you are gonna mute them, it ticks me off so hard. Nice video tho

  • 2020- animals in cage 2021- animals in glass cages with cloths and browsing on facebook with phones Me:lol what happened 🤣

  • Whats with the butterfly transition song analyzers please explain

  • Yo what the f###s

  • Cheetah and a horse? Chorse or Hortah

  • This song is really good but... Why a horse...and a leopard?

  • Congratulations you wrote the only happy song I genuinely like

  • Alfred likes the cats

  • The animation is so smooth I LOVE IT !

  • image disliking a great song

  • Horse bodjek? (Hello to Russia)

  • what is horse man called

  • I'm bout to commit a warcrime to this song

  • beautiful story. too bad it's one that's hard to come by.

  • this is beesteutalituy

  • Furry

  • Why the long face

  • Hai i am from indonesian pleas support me

  • Is this song a prequel to berlim?

  • Wonder how much furry porn we are gonna get of these two...

  • i knew this songs from ads, No regrest for listenign all the ad at the end!!

  • So what species is a horse x cheetah mix?

  • Im extremely confused on why they were in what looked like a zoo because that implies the existence of either humans or some other superior species

    • Dude. There are humans all over the video? Did you just not see?

  • Fun fact: you watched this more then once.

  • Dam this is the next level of music