Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny (Alt Version)

Објављено 2 окт 2009
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It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me
It's so ironic you're what I had pictured you to be
But there are facts in our lives
We can never change
Just tell me that you understand and you feel the same
This perfect romance that I've created in my mind
I'd live a thousand lives
Each one with you right by my side
But yet we find ourselves in a less than perfect circumstance
And so it seems like we'll never have the chance
Ain't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny
And you can't move on even though you try
Ain't it strange when your feeling things you shouldn't feel
Oh, I wish this could be real
Ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life
And you don't want to face what's wrong or right
Ain't it strange how fate can play a part
In the story of your heart
Sometimes I think that a true love can never be
I just believe that somehow it wasn't meant for me
Life can be cruel in a way that I can't explain
And I don't think that I could face it all again
I barely know you but somehow I know what you're about
A deeper love I've found in you
And I no longer doubt
You've touched my heart and it altered every plan I've made
And now I feel that I don't have to be afraid
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  • Intetesting words at this song,but even the movie clip is very good I don't understand how are related!Maybe I'm too dumb!

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  • Love is indeed a feeling that grows in the heart and gives life a new meaning. We only treasure the pleasure that comes with love - we can't measure.

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  • Thank Jennifer Lopez! Do me a favor from from one women to another, there is an idiot that l know, his name is David Kaplan, who called me a puta because l had a so called relationship with some one on the Southside of the Israeli border!

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  • Cool I never knew this video existed.I love both versions and videos I just got goosebumps.I used to listen to this album EVERY day at least 2 times a day.Iam 32now and this song is just as great as it ever was.FAN 4 ALWAYS N 4EVER LOVE YOU LOTS JENNIFER,THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING AN INSPIRATION TO ME AND MAKING GREAT EVERYTHING😁😁.xoxomarianne

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  • So he’s just going to rub the apple on his chest and give it to Jlo with his man sweat all over the apple?😂

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