Jennifer Lopez - Baby I Love U!

Објављено 2 окт 2009
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Boy I never knew I could feel
The way I felt, when I felt
They way you were feelin me baby
I'm so out of control
Everytime you look my way
I realize more and more
How much I adore those pretty eyes of yours
I'm helpless baby
What I want to know is
Are you willing to try
Can you love me for a lifetime
Or just one night ohh
Baby I love you
Love You
Baby I need you
Need You
I gotta have you
I gotta have you baby
Can't be without you
Be without you
Baby I love you
Baby I need you
Need You
I gotta have you
I gotta have you baby
Can't be without you


  • 2021 😂

  • Kanpur men sharia

  • My god keep looking at her eyes and beautiful smile i loose my mind🙄

  • This one of my favorite by my Queen!


  • Very nice song.. I remember that it was about Ben...

  • my love I'm sorry I defended you in anyway I love you so much been down want to marry you spend the rest of my life with you

  • Imadom😍

  • They're all beautiful all them songs just like the person that made it saying it wrote it

  • go get you to get training hard to go get you those titles I love you thank you for loving me and give me a chance in your life tell your kids I said hi

  • let you know that it's me Joey just want to let you know I love

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  • JlO my 💕

  • The Bennifer Anthem... such an underrated song. I never hear it on the radio

  • And knew I was going to get hurt out of this

  • this is JLo

  • 2000’s Best song ever! Love U Jlo so badly 😍

  • miss you Jennifer

  • Awwww! She was so happy here 😍 She was 33 and I was 15! Now I'm going to be 33 and it still never gets old ♥️

  • Quien la escucha que linda JLO hoy 30 marzo 2021

  • U are so beautyful with and with out make up

  • Ke hermosura la suya interior es usted muy hermosa jennyfer

  • We have all that time right now I gust want to be with my Jane

    • Words can't spell. How much u are in. My heart

    • Hay Jane I wii try to be more in the day than the night

    • Take me from. My self xoxo

  • мммммммм))))))))) kiss kiss kiss

  • So cute dear

  • What if Tobey Maguire was in the music video of waiting for tonight when he dances with Jennifer Lopez

  • Baby I love you

  • I love you JLo

  • Sorry I didn't mean to do that my friend was trying to read and he touched it wrong I love you jaylen

  • See everything falls on place the way that god had planed! She and ben woulda had problems with his drinking ect.!!! She was sooo young and extremly nieve! She was inlove with his looks too! Oooh brother mama! Amen on haveing ur children!!!

  • This was a pretty song! Ver very underated!

  • Let you love

  • Thank you Jesus for blessing me with the woman of my life

  • To the woman of my life that I want to marry Jennifer Lopez and the whole world following this would you marry me

  • Let me go a little crazy on there lost you there really do love you

  • Think that in this video there is a most natural and realistic J Lo So sweetly pretty and joke This song and my love don t cost a thing are my absolute favourites from teenage time.. and also love the El Mismo Sol with Alvaro..I so would like another piece like it with them🌞 After many years I hear them🌺 she is a special solar woman and mum❤ her children are very happy like she

  • Gives me Britney 'Every Time' vibez ... And they both came out the same year, I believe. Just wonder who inspired who .....👍🏼~

  • I remember this video and song had me feeling secondhand embarrassment for J.Lo💎 ... Especially after Ben ended up not marrying Her beautiful, wealthy, successful, uber sexc Latina ass ...💀⚰ I love my girl. I'm glad she's finally HAPPY now w A.Rod.⚾️🥰You can just tell he is The One.💜💖A song she can now dedicate to His fiine, tall, rich ass.💓💝~

  • I remember this video waaay back in the day, somebody, some radio dj or vj, commented about how he wasn't feeling it or the song and he said that she looked pale and like she was in a psych ward.😆

  • The N 2006

  • My favorite J-Lo song.. she did not get the props she deserved on this one.

  • At the end of the song the voice singing baby I love you is lower

  • Jennifer. Lopez. love and Philip. man 68 years old

    • who says Philip. Jennifer Lopez from Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez i would love

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    • With Jennifer Lopez and Philip yes man the is love at I used. Baby l love u! have

    • boyfriend Jennifer Lopez Philip man love and Philip 68 years old kiss. Baby l. love

    • love Jennifer Lopez. Philip you to end and Jennifer Lopez is run by day in music baby love u!

  • Bravo très belle chansons lové tué belle bonne courage

  • i am not a fan of this megalomanic, but here in these four and half minutes she is everything but. in the video her smile is true.

  • i love you Jesus Amem

  • God is good i love you JLO

  • i love you Lord and my JLO miss you babe Amen

  • i love You JLO you have me i cant sand that bitch you no who God live in us Amen

  • Bennifer era ♥

  • babe u are my true love JLO Amen

  • I love ypu JLO God Is Good AMEN

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️baby i love you 😘

  • ach du sch- ist das cringe ich bin raus ----->

  • Whose here in 2021

  • Nairobi kenya to all you that are reading this...may you a partner like this


  • I wasn't good for you I love you so much it's suck I don't want to dumber

  • Bien meilleur comediène que chanteuse !!

  • I love you Jlo you have me my love

  • This is who I love to marry I love Jlo

  • I love you babe I need you my true love for life Father in the name of your Son Jesus give me Jlo

  • Jennifer Lopez love have Philip man 5 years old new

  • Bennifer era!

  • It'S so beautiful song$$$$

  • This song samples John Barry's "Midnight Cowboy" (1969).

  • Listening 2020 jlo 💋

  • I swear for the intro they just stole the song in midnight cowboy

  • @Mola TV #dedication, i like Mike Tyson said that.

  • J-lo has amazing ballads and this one is the best

  • this song is amazing 💜

  • ❔🆓

  • midnight cowboy brought me here.

  • Just Love this song , yesterday, today and always 🎈

  • That counter melody so simple yet so beautiful and genius ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Love u JLo ❤️❤️

  • This simple ish the most genius ❤️yup

  • Sanga songwriter that produces her ish in da building 💯❤️

  • This tune is so beautiful especially that counter melody absolutely gorgeous 💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 2021 I still love this 🎵I love you jlo! 😍you're amazing dancer!

  • What makes this album remarkable is that it comes from the heart of a woman in love with a man


  • Peccato che sei solo un miracolo una visione (ma prima o poi verrò a Losange e tu mi fai un autografo bellisima donna dell' universo)

  • Peccato che sei una donna inarrivabile mia Moglie si

  • " I love you too Jennifer Lopez!."

  • Sublime 2020


  • 🖤💙❤️😍🥰 i'm in love 🖤💟

  • Yellow hair does’nt suit with Jlo hhh She is awsome the original way she is 😍😍👌👌👌

  • Good morning my beautiful superstar ⭐🥀☕ It's raining over here in RI and what better than to listen to your amazing tunes,love it! You are absolutely amazing my lovely queen 👸🙌 Happy Friday my beautiful queen 👸🥀🎼☕💙

  • Who's here 2020


  • She is such a bad singer , ugh

  • Lovely human being

  • Jedna z gorszych piosenek Jenny

  • Inizio ad essere depresso

  • I m on the flour baby

  • ❤️ JLO ❤️

  • Philip. man 5 years old Days Jennifer Lopez Baby love kissing. Philip h

  • Sampling is Midnight Cowboy from John Barry and covered by Faith No More