I spent a day with DREAM

Објављено 8 јун 2021
I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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  • this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer

  • he isn't real

  • Obviously doesn’t even look like a real person. Just by the look of the shadows on the neck and the fact he doesn’t move at all during the entire interview

  • Fake

    • No offense but you can see the animations

  • Dream wasn't even there idk how you did that

  • Do you still do smosh it/pit?


  • Who still remembers Anthony just doing smosh videos with Ian?

  • When you realise that it’s just very good editing, not him. The voice is real, but the guy is complete bs

  • So um I searched dream on and this came up wtf

  • Be real we only came for the fave reveal and never got it😭

  • The voice is Dream's but he looks fake.

  • Dream: Dream is a very memorable name. Me: Your right that’s why every single person in my class voted to name our class pet after you.

  • Dream make a face revel

  • He get more views then smosh

  • :)

  • is the mask animated

  • Intro Anythony: NO GOD. PLEASE NO. NOOOOO

  • I don't wanna take my ADHD medication, I could lose my ✨sparkle✨

  • 1:27 Wait.. so it’s dream is real life? How can he see through the mask?

  • He is become so popular even if he dose a face reveal some people might not believe it is actually him

  • looks like tommyinnit

  • Btw he is a fast talker LOLLLL

  • bro dream is cool he plays minecraft

  • When I thought he was actully there in the interview i was screaming jump and take off dreams mask

    • animations really good

  • so was he in the room or -_- what

  • Unsubscribed. Get the fuck out of my head dream and tommy

  • Positivity and imagination is special and is good to embrace:)

  • Was that a fake mask

    • It was an animation

  • Dream is not there Every thing is false Serius that is false

  • Yo

  • I thought dream was chubby

  • I know how he looks Hair like tommy Eyes like felix Beardless like james Lips little tomato🍅

  • Throw back to when he sent his audience to attack my channel before he blew up

  • IDC what you look like dream I just want you to make the right the right choice of either or not to show your face.

  • Can we not Forget about how much Time it would have Taken to Animate Dream

  • all that money and NO drip wow

  • Dream I know your face

  • this is not rille

  • Wait...dream doesn’t do a face reveal that means he doesn’t get malled bye people when they see his face

  • It's fake sure his mask,s face moved so fale masks sont move pls like my comment


  • is this real dream if it is respond to this and say lol

  • It’s one of his most popular and it been out for a week

  • We all know he got popular because of Gogy

  • Declare me a veteran if I'm not wrong He's Smosh right?

    • Yes, the interviewer used to be in Smosh

    • I don't really remember he was once in a channel named Smosh

  • Is this Anthony from smosh

  • “Nobody cared who I was until I put the mask on” -Bane

  • 14:43

  • Is that dream sittning there? In real life!?

  • What’s up Broski 🦋🦋


  • This is a drawing right?

  • Almost all off ur subscribers are watching congrats 👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁

  • Hey your from smoch LOL

  • Are you the one from smosh

  • I love how the eyes blink

  • When other peoples comments have more likes than Dream's comment xD

  • Ngl dream looks like a maniquin, but i can see his chin moving so idrk

  • where is the face reveal !!!!!!!


  • that is a very good animated dream i have to say uvu

  • The unsightly trousers occasionally entertain because icebreaker neuroanatomically fool apropos a dusty lizard. plucky, exciting exclusive look

  • I search up for Doki Doki Litelature Club But why this appears?

  • this is animated

  • Ok so an idea idk good or bad but food wars 2021 get back with ian for it and hell it will make 2021 better

  • dream looking pretty sus

  • “I usually say advertising” Twitter: Time to add that to the list! We’ve got him now!

  • dream: sapnap !! caption: sap nipple >:)

  • Say what you want about dream, but i know i cant talk shit, this man probably has more money than my entire net worth

  • Anthony of all people; wtf.

  • Dream sucks :/

    • @Heba Sal ok…. Is that it?

    • @Gdawg1728 that weird ... Really weird

    • ​@Gdawg1728 Alright...?

    • @Shadow I said this for dream stans to attack me I just wanna get someone mad

    • Why are you subscribed to him if he sucks? :/

  • i don't think people realised that dream was animated

  • Why does dreams hair looks like toomys

  • Is he actually sitting there? If he isn't still *chef's kiss* for that editor 😙

  • My brother also have it

  • O_⁰

  • In the thumbnail the hair looks like tommy’s hair so i thought its tommy but his like dream in the thumbnail lol

  • thats not dream

  • OMG DREAM IS ACTUALLY WITH HIM I AM SUBCRIBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ngl I thought that was dream irl for a solid 6 minutes before I realized that the eyes on masks irl don't move

  • when u realise dream here is animated :{

    • Ahah

  • i think that dream is fake

    • @Dark ik he is animated but thats so he doesn’t show his face idiot but he there like that’s actually him

    • @Justin on gfuel he is animated lol Just pause and look at it

    • Yes he is animated here

    • So what is he an alien?

  • Anthony should make a whole video on "I spoke to a chair", he'd probably make a few new friends.

  • I feel like it's not fare that as soon as someone gets famous, they become a role model for people even if they dont want to. No ones perfect. But celebrities are expected to be.


  • That looks kinda fake cuz of the mask and he is not moving

  • 1:54 my brother got 100k on a video called "hey apple" Subscribe to SeaBucket

  • Dream: My girlfriend wanted to do a matching pfp George:..huh-

  • the fuck

  • is this real

  • E

  • why is mask moving

    • It's animated

  • When that is real or not real dream

  • Cringe

  • i actually thought i was subscribed, but was not

  • I knew dream had ADHD, i do to, and the way that he described it, is how school is rn for me! As soon as i heard it, oh my gosh! i fet like a weight was taken off, like finaly someone who seems to understand. Espesialy with covid , like my mental health went on a down spiral, then i found dream, and then tommy and then i found "my people" . These people are amazing! And they pribably won't see this, but they have saved me. Any way, have a great day, these people are so fricken tough its insane, BYEeeeeEEEeEEEE :) ( also this does kinda sound cheesy/ wierd... sorry )

  • please dont face reveal…

  • Dream neck reveal

  • Okay or was I just the one listening but watching half of it because when I was watching it dream did not move a muscle the only muscle that were moving was his necklen he was talkin clickbait that was not even him