HIGHLIGHTS: Nikola Jokić drops 39 against the Chicago Bulls (03/01/2021)

Објављено 1 мар 2021
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  • Why do judges allow beatings of Jokic? A judge: "Because he is the best when they beat the hell out of him"

  • Bravo tako se to radi

  • I'm sorry casuals, you cannot compare the glass inconsistent Joel Embiid with this all out offensive behemoth.

    • Especially since Jokic doesn't get fouls like Embiid.

    • Are you sure? He has more DREB and steals than Embiid.

  • Anyone else wishing Jokic does another step with his physical composition for the next season, and replaces 20 pounds of fat with 20 pounds of muscle? That would be scary

  • Niko jači od Jokare! Čist miks Divca i Bodiroge.

  • Svaka cast decku na tome koliko je unapredio atletske sposobnosti.

  • Denver, look at the same team u brought Jokic from. Bring him Petrusev ! xD

  • No 3 pointers and one assist short of a triple double. Very disappointing. - Spoiled fantasy basketball Jokic owner

  • (put him in the dunk contest) 🤣🤣

  • Jokara brat!!! MVP!!!

  • i love this guy

  • Unreal all-round performance! 😳

  • If he starts to dunk on a regular basis, the rest of the basketball world should change profession, since there would be nothing left for them anymore...

  • Jokic Anthony Edwards Zion Mikal Bridges Dunk contest this year gonna be LIT

  • Brat naš dominira svaku tekmu🇷🇸

  • I understand that he rarely dunks not athletic and all that but common he's a 7 footer he can almost reach the rim standing! lol just too much hype or sarcasm from the announcers he can certainly dunks all the time if he wants to


    • Last season jokic had like 11 dunks, they're just making jokes and know what he can do

  • Straight Outta Sombor

  • Jokic just got revenge on Thaddeus Young😈


  • Why Denver Nuggets highlights is the shortest on youtube , we want to see all of the tricks of this magician ❤️

  • Pee Pee Poo Poo 👍

  • I never thought in all my years I would see a 7 ft tall Serbian Larry Bird, and he just so happens to be a Denver Nugget. Hopefully some day soon this team comes together and wins it all, my life would be complete.

  • One of the greatest offensive seasons in NBA history in the making. Straight up magician out there

  • Imaju sreće što je svestran (igra centra, beka, pleja, ... sve). Denverova igra se svodi na baci loptu Jokiću i gledaj (sa trojke) šta će da se desi, ponekad neko se seti da uleti te mu ovaj doda loptu. Sve je isto iz utakmice u utakmicu.

    • E tako trebaju i nasi da igraju, sve samo oko Jokica. Da on kontrolise igru. A ne cas Teo, cas Bogi, cas kurac, cas palac. Nema, samo Jokic i to je to.

  • Dear Nuggets, please don't disappoint Jokic.

    • They will, and then Jokic is out of there after this season if they do.

  • MVP

  • I love it how they say "put him in the dunk contest". The commentators are aware of his physicality on the floor and there is zero mockery. You can sense it's all good-spirited fun and there's obvious respect for the Joker, despite the occasional flirt with his dunk dominance. Gotta love your MVP! It will be truly revolutionary seeing Nikola win the title in this physical era of sport.


    • @KRC Gaming Samo da igra svoju poziciju i da selektor razume kako da ga iskoristi i niko neće moći da ga zaustavi ni tu.

    • Samo da cini takva cuda u reprezentaciji i bice "cudotvorac" :D

    • pa, nama srbimaje to urodjeno...;)

    • Hapis me za muda

  • Mj 90 Kobe 00 lebum 10 JOKIC 20


    • @Dejan C nek nauce Srbski 😁

    • Brate, iskoristi bar google translate, ipak je pravopis vazan.

  • JOKIC = GOD = D10S

  • MVP MVP ❗❗❗❗