Food Theory: How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store?

Објављено 17 апр 2021
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I've seen the videos Creators posted about trying to live for 24 hours in a grocery store or places like Target. That got me thinking. How long COULD you survive in a grocery store? Whether you were locked in or it was your home base in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you be able to SURVIVE with that as your only source of sustenance? Today, I'm going to settle in and find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Josh Langman, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • I cant believe mr beast cometed

  • Hay food theory here is a theory for maybe 2 Chanels food or game wich ever u pick i just want u to talk about donut county u know the game were u r a big hole and everyone that ordered a donut thay get a hole that sucks them up u should look at it or play it in gt live

  • How far could Evan have stretched the calories if he had amputated a few limbs or any other non-essential calorie sucking body parts?

  • Having me would be good, as I was born without a sense of smell, I could deal with the stinky stuff.

  • "00:44"😂 Ok that is the best: *ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ* 📌 disregard others they're BS

  • ok but what if you eat your own poo

  • It’s the Martian but in a grocery store

  • many stores have back up generators to run refrigeration, security and emergency lighting..

  • scp 3008????????

  • Is it just me being used to him saying Film Theory at the end?...

  • If my brother was in this situation, he would rather die than eat mushrooms 💀

  • You forgot about ramen noodles and pre-packaged meals that you just add water to like dehydrated army reserve meals that never go bad.

  • Food theory idea: does matt drink coffee or diet coke? Edit:thanks for 1 like

  • How did Theorista even survive?

  • would it be possible to make a giant pudding like the one in assassination classroom anime

  • I wonder how Luke looked like to the employees of the shop when he was counting the different products.

  • This one was fascinating.

  • That is only possible if said grocery store doesn't get raided during the first days of the apocalypse. And the probability of that tends to zero.

  • if I was the one stuck in a store I'd be like: FREE FOOD!!!!!!!

  • It’s a lot deeper than you think

  • This is my favorite food theory episode!! :)

  • Evan might get drunk

  • theoresita

  • This is the kind of stuff Dwight Schrute from the office would be watching

  • You guys out done yourselves! Congrats and thank you

  • That crying spongebob actually got me lol

  • Stores have plugs, TVs, gaming devices and games to play in there too??!! If not you’d die of boredom instead of malnutrition.

  • Imagine your whole family living inside a supermarket by eating mushrooms

  • Correct my stupidity but grocery stores usually don't have as much food as water and there is no way to get renewable able water (meaning he will eventually die of thirst). But none the less, great video and I really enjoyed it

  • The last part was incorrect, and it's not he would die the moment he ran out of food, he could collect rainwater and drink it, and then he could survive a few more weeks before finally dying of hunger. Also he still should eat the expired baby food, because then he could save more mushrooms

  • it’s just free food basically

  • You could make a movie outta this

  • Me: waiting for evan to comment

  • I have one question How long would the tea last

  • Food theory idea is it really possible to make food out of water like in cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  • Game theory idea: how many years was red on zenith

  • Evan good luck

  • 6:21 why doesnt he just... crawl out the window?

  • Theorista is a surprisingly nice sounding name

  • Imagine being in a Sams Club

  • Lol Imagine doing RScycle for 10 years and have only 2mill subs

  • Hey Matt Pat Walmart has garden sections and has built in generators so the food wouldn’t go bad so fast

  • Jesus Christ how does Even know all this Even is galaxy brain

  • Do you remember The Martian

  • Man you babble too much... I cant watch this. 50% babble , 50% topic info.

  • Evan probably would have been in his 80s to 90s by that point

  • POV: ur trying to find Evan in this videos comments

  • Gardener here, you can grow almost anything in 100% compost, I do it every year in my garden, look up Charles Downing for more info.

  • Hey that's true but you need to take in one important factor sanity evan could and most likely would have killed himself due to severe loneliness

  • I would die of boredom before I did of hunger

  • I'd find ice and try to put as much meat as possible in it

  • and this isnt even counting the massive amount of goods and food in the warehouse behind the store

  • *laughs in Candy and Snacks Isle*

  • There one problem, you have to factor in how many times you puke.

  • Bruh if they had a 7th special topic called food for elementary school students and then each lesson would be a food theory video but you dumb it down for the students and send it to teachers in USA and other English countries. Same should be with middle schools. but clean up all the language for teachers that teach at least 1 of the grades of K-5 and make each grade video perfect for each grade. Also clean up most of the language for Grades 6-8.

    • is is not made for schools its for *ENTERTAINMENT*

  • One thought I just had - Is it worth considering things you might find in the supermarket that aren’t food but are edible and non-toxic?

  • I bet Evan is happy rn

  • As a kid i once ate my dogs dry food. Did I get diarrhea? yeah. was it tasty? yeah.

  • I hate mushrooms with my life so I'm gonna die

  • I was crid 🤨 when you- made sad endinf (bruh)

  • Fun fact: If Bendy’s restaurant actually real, I would love to eat there everyday

  • Im pretty sure every character in reck it Ralph is real and not a video game because they went in a internet box in wreck it Ralph 2 so my question is who made them and do they know and if so why?

  • Bro the editing…the charisma when speaking…the creativity oh my goodness


  • Mr beast watches food theory

  • You would find me 3 months later with a bunch of empty wine bottles, some bottles filled with pee, and chocolate wrappers eveywhere. and a corner of store which we do not speak of... haha

  • How long could you survive eating only one food and one drink???

  • Now imagine a vegan person on a non GMO gluten free diet who is allergic to dust and almonds, then he's screwed

  • I don’t like mushroom so I’m doomed

  • If the supermarket has has a skylight, you can use your sewage as a mini crop field and you can use the water and seeds that they have in products Boom.

  • 7:36 this scared me!🤣😂🤣😂

  • But if there's no electricity how can you use a refrigerator?🤔🤨🧐

  • You said Evan was smoking meat by an open window BUT if the window was open, wouldn't he be able to escape the "locked" grocery store? And if the window was closed, the gas made by the fire would have killed him if he stayed put because he wouldn't be able to breathe.

  • Where is the better love story than twilight comment? This was exactly what I didn’t know I needed answered!

  • I'm curious... did he take into account everything that was in the storage room as well? You know. Those double-doors that say "Employees only" where they keep extra products for when they need to restock the shelves?

  • Well I would die cause I can't have dairy or mushrooms 🤣

  • This brings up serious questions about some of those food products you find in Fallout. You know, the ones that have been just sitting there for over a century.

  • Food theory idea:how long can u survive whit out food and only water

  • To complete the circle how about you start a medical theory channel? For example, does Vicks Vaporub really work on your chest as a first episode idea :)

  • y'know I think Matpat is overestamating the average human here...EVERYONE ISN'T YOU MATPAT!!(lol)

  • ya know how food is packaged and stuff well...what if each unit has a different amount of that item you know what I mean?

  • I want to see you do this with food allergies (mine being soybean if you would like to try that though where I live it’s very hard to avoid)

  • Is there anywhere we can suggest theory's to you.

  • Theorista is the best improvised fictional name ever. Using it in my book. Next how long one would survive in a mall

  • Best food theory video honestly

  • This video is mandatory for those who are going to enter scp 3008 (The infinite IKEA)

  • Scp 3008