Every Heavyweight Champion in UFC History

Објављено 13 авг 2020
As of August, 2020, there have been 18 different men that have held UFC heavyweight gold. Mark Coleman became the first heavyweight champ back at UFC 12 in 1997 when he defeated Dan Severn in Dothan, Alabama. The two most recent champions, Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier meet for their trilogy fight at UFC 252.

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  • Johnny "Bones" Jones is the best if he can stay out of trouble. His battles outside the ring are worse than his fights.

  • I wish Brock would come back to this

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  • Some of this shit looks so fixed.

  • Holy shit Carwin like completely mauled Frank Mir!😮

  • Stipe Miocic

  • do every pride champion you cowards

  • 1:24 was that a werewolf ?

  • I hate frank mir for breaking arms.

  • Randleman got robbed. RIP. No disrespect to Bas though!

  • Every Champ is the best at his prime .

  • Nobody likes Tim Sylvia. Thank you Ray Merced, for closing that book.

  • Ну, и где тут ваш Тактаров ?

  • Hats off to brock lesner 3 time champion... from wwe to ufc 😂

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  • damn the first one colman straight roided that one out lol

    • watching werdum get hit by stipe back peddling is the best!

  • Why isn't everyone as heavy as Lesner? Like, why do you have these guys weighing 210-240 fighting in the 265 and under division? You'd think everyone would be 260-265

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  • 1:25 Oh Bruce 😭

  • Sea level Cain, Anderson silva, really looked at one point as unbeatable but suddenly they just switched off

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  • It's funny to watch people who lost to Fedor fight for the title

  • Funny how they got progressively smaller over the years, haha.

  • They gave Sylvia and Couture way too many chances.

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  • Lol Arlovski with hair

  • Tim Sylvia again and again

  • 10:35 Brock looks a bit intimidated by Cain

  • Unbelievable how bad the skill level was back in the day, modern fighters would obliterate those fighters easily.

  • some of these stoppages are fucking abhorrent

  • перезалить видео надо!!!!! Сейчас пришло время Нганну!!!!

  • And now we have the monster of the monsters as a champion.

  • Love these videos! Great stuff.

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  • Yes. Dana said no. The octagon said yes.

  • Soon it will be Jon jones

  • and then cam Francis lol

  • This video confirms Joe Rogan doesn't know what he's talking about.....or who.

  • Many Fedor Victims

  • Crazy Arlavski still fighting‼️ I think I saw him fight nganou like 2 years ago.

  • Do yourself a favor and watch at 12:39 the double “nice knee” had me dying

  • Randy in pants fucking people up


  • Stipe is without a doubt the current UFC HW Goat for me, his resume is elite.

    • He cannot compete with Big well rounded fighters . He would never beat Francis again . Francis, Derrick Lewis, Jon Jones, Gane, and Blaydes will all beat Stipe badly . There is a reason why he avoided these top guys for years . After seeing Ngannou destroy him , now I understand why he ran from those other fighters

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  • I wonder who is the UFC world heavyweight champ of steroids, Kevin Randleman or Brock Lesnar? But yeah Brock probably wins that one hands down.

  • UNDISPUTED HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!! man if i had 5 dollars for every time that was screamed into my ear

  • The lighting was terrible in the old days

  • These referees are terrible bro. Letting them get killed 🤦🏽‍♂️

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