A day in Germany 1945 during World War II in color [60fps, Remastered] w/added sound

Објављено 12 мај 2021
Spectacular footage of Germany April 1945 during WW-II like you have never seen it before! This film footage is very rare. It is of extremely high quality,

Video Enhancement Process:
✔ FPS boosted to 60 frames per second
✔ Image boosted up
✔ Improved video sharpness and brightness
✔ Colorized only for the ambiance (not historically accurate)
✔added sound only for the ambiance (do not represent real historical data)

Please, be aware that colorization colors are not real and fake, colorization was made only for the ambiance and do not represent real historical data.

B&W Video Source from: Douglas Hackney
B&W Video Provenance: Several high definition film transfers from National Archives and Records Administration were obtained by Douglas Hackney as part of his family history reseach on his grandfather, Zane L. Strickland, who appears in one of the Nordhausen films carrying a stretcher with a liberated prisoner. Mr. Hackney donated HD copies of the WWII materials to USHMM in November 2016.

Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Douglas Hackney in memory of Zane L. Strickland

B&W Video Source: collections.ushmm.org/search/...

Rights: To the best of the Museum's knowledge, this material is in the public domain.

Disclaimer: you are responsible for your comments, these videos it's just for learn from and enjoy.

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    • 1st thing i see is American soldiers sexually harassing woman, thats why i clicked on it 👍👍

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  • The freedom we won thanks to those men, the same freedom we're losing today no thanks to some men!!

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  • Interesting thumbnail american soldiers with prostitutes.

  • In the future 2021 you will eventually win WW2 the Allies withdraw and Germany will once again rule Europe!!

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  • 4:04 Nada pendejo ese wacho, no perdió el tiempo

  • It's easy to imagine how when these victorious troops finally rolled in it was only after thousands of American soldiers died getting there. Those that rolled in alive we're the lucky ones. A mountain of human beings, the flower of American Youth was left scattered on the various battlefields of Europe. And you look today and you see how we have given away our country piecemeal. We've allowed our country to be invaded by foreigners and the very freedoms that those people died for are now gladly being given away in the name of safety. This should send you to bed ashamed.

  • The more real these historical videos feel the more people today realise how little we really changed from the humans back then, black and white makes it almost feel like another world but it wasn't, it was our grandparent's or great-grandparent's 75 years ago doing unspeakable things to each other. The only thing that changed were the things around them. The humans vulnerability to persuasion, of close-mindedness, tribal loyalty, othering, naivety, ignorance, perspective, etc. We're all cursed by them so we shouldn't be ashamed by it, we just have to make sure the things around us help us supress it and prevent scenarios where these vulnerabilities can play out on grand scales.

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  • "War. War never changes" - Fallout 3

  • this guy probably filmed this thinking future Nazis would look back after they "won"

    • Except everything here was filmed by Americans and most of it was filmed 6 days before Hitler snuffed it.

  • 4:03 "The badge was humiliating, and like the similar Jewish symbol, can be seen as a badge of shame." - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P_(Nazi_symbol)

  • Where We could be if not world war II ... where Poland could be.. It's need to be remembered.. so many people ...so many lives.. it was madness. Warsaw was calling Paris of the north before the wwII, before they destroyed all the city and all country. It's painful to see what they did to all our nation..

  • I think that the videos shot on my phone would look something like this if I were in 1945. Thanks to the author for the work)

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  • Just propaganda! Most Europeans hated the American bombers in reality

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  • 00:43 Sprints through traffic because where she needs to be cannot wait for the traffic to end! Amazing video though how empty the world was before we and i guess china filled the world with 2 dollar junk.

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  • Liberators? Good men? Look at our world today, look at who runs it? Look at the suffering, the dictatorship that appears in the open, that no longer even hides itself. Look at the terror in the eyes of these women, they know what will happen to them in the hands of these heroes... There are no heroes in the war, only those who did not, still believe in it. Thanks for the sharpness of the picture, we can see it better...

  • Sometimes I forgot that wars before digital cameras was real. They feel like a movie or story from a book. I am glad that I live in my shitty homeland, full of leftist and thieves but without terror.

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  • 04:14 A quick summary of the thought process and responses to being on camera: The people think that the photographer is taking pictures, which is why the dude that gives the drink is trying to pose for the camera by moving slowly. Pictures were more common than videos.

  • 4:04 the fear on the women eyes

  • What is more exciting is if someone in this video is still alive?

  • Germany was a much happier and kess degenerate place before we ruined it.

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  • Awesome video. My father was in Germany and Belgium at this time

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    • If you mean the colourisation then it was likely done by AI as that seems to be the method these days. Teach an AI what materials and objects are in the video and let it do the rest.

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  • Those girls at 4:10 were more than happy to be had by the Americans than the Russians.

  • Your telling me our camera back in the day where high technology compare to the security camera and the damn military camera on spotting a ufo 🤣

    • Nothing to do with technology and all to do with storage space. Any camera that has to record for 24hours requires an enormous amount of film/disk, or a massive drop in quality.

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  • The Russians were at war, and the Americans and the British came for a selfie. And in September 1945, they were preparing a plan of attack on the USSR together with the German "enemy". But they were afraid and did not dare. They were jackals, they remained jackals.

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  • сколько смертей и страданий из-за амбиций одного подонка, который успел сбежать и доживал старость в окружении красивой природы южной Америки...

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